Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fall into Reading - Question 5

As part of the Fall into Reading challenge, Katrina at Callapidderdays is going to be posting a reading related question each Wednesday. I'm hoping to answer them here each week, partly to keep me motivated for the challenge itself (I find it way too easy to forget about challenges) and partly because there's a great group of people taking part and I'd like to see their answers.

If you're wondering what the whole Fall into Reading thing is about, check out my original post here or Katrina's "The Basics" post here.

This weeks question is: Do you skim? Or are you faithful to read every word?

Okay so my answer for this is a day late as I intended to do this last night but didn't get home from a Cassandra Clare signing (which was awesome) until late so I pretty much ate and fell asleep.

I very rarely skim, but occasionally it does happen. If I'm reading a book and I get bored, my first thing to do is check to see how much is left. If I stay bored for several chapters then there's a good chance I'll start skimming. If more chapters pass and I'm still bored I'll stop reading that book all together, unless I'm reading it for a reason. That said I stopped reading The Time Machine out of boredom in high school and never finished it, even though it was for an English exam (which I passed - yay for Cliff Notes!)

The only other thing that will make me skim is if the book becomes excessively graphic in terms of violence or sexual content. I do read adult books and I'm rarely bothered by either, but every now and then I'll come across a book that is too graphic and then I'll start skimming those sections.


  1. You're habits are very similar to mind as I tend to skip for the very same reasons. I'm glad I'm not alone!!!! I don't personally object to erotica or anything, but I need to be in the mood (my, that was a bad pun, wasn't it?) and I dislike it when books are misleading.

  2. Thanks for commenting Stephanie :) I don't have a problem with any genre of book, but like you it's when they are misleading I end up disappointed.


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