Monday, 17 October 2011

My Favorite Witch by Lisa Plumley

Title: My Favorite Witch
Author: Lisa Plumley
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 978-1420105681
Pages: 384
Series: Stand Alone
Type: Adult Paranormal Romance
Source: Purchased
Dayna Sterling ran away from her hometown as soon as she could and has been carving out a normal human life for herself as a research assistant in Phoenix, Arizona. But Dayna isn't human...she's a witch and half-warlock tracer T.J. McAllister has been dispatched to bring her home to Covenhaven. Dayna is about to cusp and come into her full powers which makes her a danger to those around her so T.J. is supposed to bring her in for manditory training. Dayna has other plans, and she's going to turn T.J.'s world upside down.

This is one of those books that has been sitting around waiting to be read for quite a while so I can't really remember what stood out to me to make me buy it. It is set in the three weeks before Halloween so it is a very seasonal read at the moment. I did enjoy the book, but I felt like there was something missing and the storyline was disappointingly predictable.

The book's strength and weakness lies in the world and storylines developed within. The author has done a great job in creating a world where witches, warlocks and patayans live alongside unknowing humans and I loved how there is an InterAllied Bureau who run the magical world. That said the races aren't developed beyond the absolute basics which means the book never fully lives up to its potential which is a shame as I would have loved to see the patayan angle explained more, especially given the secondary storyline where T.J. is looking for a special witch called the juweel who will prevent a fast-approaching species based war.

Dayna is a great spunky lead which works well against T.J.'s more brooding nature. Their romance is the standard romance novel type but there is an undercurrent of self-acceptance which adds an unusual dimension to the story while strengthening the narrative. I loved T.J.'s anti-witch human partner Deuce as he helps ground the story, and Garmin quickly fills the role of annoying paper-pushing jerk.

All in all, this was a fun read and I'll probably read more by this author.

Plot: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Ending: 8/10
Enjoyment: 6/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 34/50        


  1. Sounds interesting... definately seasonal read. You know I find alot of books are getting predictable at the moment... could be just a selection that i had picked up though. One thing i love is that your always honest with your review... it means we wont race to books thinking its the best in the world and then be thoroughly disappointed.


  2. Thanks for commenting Kris :) I always try to be honest in my reviews even if I'm not thrilled by the book as there's nothing worse than buying a book based on a rave review and having it not meet your expectations.


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