Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fall into Reading - Question 4

As part of the Fall into Reading challenge, Katrina at Callapidderdays is going to be posting a reading related question each Wednesday. I'm hoping to answer them here each week, partly to keep me motivated for the challenge itself (I find it way too easy to forget about challenges) and partly because there's a great group of people taking part and I'd like to see their answers.

If you're wondering what the whole Fall into Reading thing is about, check out my original post here or Katrina's "The Basics" post here.

This weeks question is: How large is your personal/family collection of books? And where do you keep them?

My personal collection of books is over 1000. I'm not exactly sure as I know there are books tucked away that I haven't counted, along with some recent purchases yet to be counted and non-fiction which I'm refusing to count. I definitely have the most books of anyone in my family, but I've heard of people with way more than me so I'm not too freaked out by the quantity (just a little freaked).

My family vary a lot in reading habits. My Mum probably has a couple of hundred books and my sister probably has about 15-20. My ten month old niece on the other hand has probably got the same as my sister, not that I'm encouraging her to follow in my book-addict footsteps :)

In terms of storage there are books literally all over the house. I'm typing this on my laptop sitting on the sofa with a book right next to me, a stack holding the door open, two boxes, two bags and a handful scattered about the room. This is the family living room so my books don't usually get to stay here, but they do tend to escape and place themselves about the house.

My usual book storage is two large bookcases, double stacked, along with 2 shelves for some of my books. The rest are packed in old amazon boxes which are stacked in front of my bookcase and under my desk. I definitely need a place with a room for my books!


  1. It sounds like you have some lovely bookish decorations all over your house! I feel like I'm surrounded by books in my home as well!

  2. Thanks for commenting Julie :) I hadn't thought of calling them decorations! A new excuse to buy more books lol.


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