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Fall into Reading 2011

Fall into Reading is a yearly reading challenge hosted at Callapidderdays which basically involves making a list of books you'd like to read this fall (i.e. between September 23 and December 22) and then reading them.

I'll be tagging all my reviews as 'fall into reading' and a wrap up post will appear on December 22 showing how I've gotten on with the challenge. My list is divided into three parts: single books that are either not part of a series, or the only one I'm intending to read; new series where I haven't read any books; and existing series where I have read one or more books before. Appearing with the books I intend to read are also 3 books which I won't be reading but I will be posting my existing reviews for.

As this challenge is open to participants of all ages and some of the books I'm reading have titles that could be seen as inappropriate, I have decided to use this post as a summary. There are covers from the single books and from the first in each series for the new and existing. A full list of titles can be found by clicking here or on the Fall into Reading tab.

Single Books

1. Dying for Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson
One I've had on loan from the library for a while, from an author that is totally new to me. I love the title and can't wait to get reading.

2. Beastly by Alex Flinn
Another one from the library that I borrowed after seeing previews for the movie. It looked really good, but I'm waiting to watch it until I've read the book.

3. First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost
I've recently read and enjoyed the first four Night Huntress books, and Spade is one of my favourite characters. I can't wait to read a book focused on him.

4. Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost
Another tie in to the Night Huntress series, this time focused on Mencheres who I'd like to know more about as he's a more mysterious character.

5. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
Another library that has been mentioned several times before on my blog. One I definitely need to read!

6. Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
Yet another one from the library this sounds really interesting with an unusual lead character. I'm a big fan of urban fantasy so I'm looking forward to this.

7. Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend by Katie MacAlister
This is the bind-up edition of Katie MacAlister's two YA novels Got Fangs? and Circus of the Damned. It fits into the timeline of the Dark Ones novels (36-43 on my list) but can be read alone hence it's position here.

8. Hook, Line and Sink Him by Jackie Pilossoph
Another one that has been mentioned before on my blog. I won this a while back and I really need to get reading :)

New Series

9-18. The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine (10 books)
The biggest series on my list, which I own partly due to some incredible offers on the series and partly because I love the author's Weather Warden series. I can't wait to see how she is with YA.

19-21. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (3 books)
I have the first two books in this trilogy and I'll probably pick up a copy of the last at the signing I'm going to next month. I've heard such great things so I'm hoping the books live up to the hype...and the gorgeous covers.

22-24. The Ellie Chronicles by John Marsden (3 books, with 7 additional reviews)
This trilogy follows on from the incredible Tomorrow When the War Began series. I'm hoping to read all three books, and also post my reviews of the 7 original books.

Series I've started

25-33. Otherworld Novels by Kelley Armstrong (9 books, including 4 re-reads and 3 additional reviews)
A bit of a mix with a series I've loved for years. I'll be posting my reviews of the first 3, re-reading the next 4 and reading the remaining 5 for the first time. I can't wait to revisit the Otherworld.

34-35. Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon (2 books, including 1 re-read)
This is the YA spin-off series from the uber-successful Dark Hunter series focusing on Nick Gautier. I loved Nick in the adult books, and I'm looking forward to (re)reading these.

36-43. The Dark Ones by Katie MacAlister (8 books, including 1 re-read)
This is one of those series where I read the first one and loved it enough to buy the rest of the books...which I then forgot about and never got round to reading. It ties in with book 7 above.

44-49. Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent (6 books, including 4 re-reads)
A brilliant urban fantasy series. The first book is similar to Bitten from the Otherworld series, but it soon develops into a unique world. It's now complete and I desperately want to know how Faythe's story ends.

50-57. Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward (8 books, including 1 re-read)
This has been heavily recommended, but like the Dark Ones I stopped after book 1. I can't wait to get reading them though: the enthusiasm of the die-hard fans is contagious!

This isn't in any kind of reading order, although I will read each series in order, so if you have any recommendations on what to read first let me know :)

If you are also participating in the challenge, post a comment and let me know. It'd be great to see your lists :) If you are just finding out about the challenge now and want to participate click the button on the sidebar and it will link you across to the right page.


  1. I love Davidson's Goldie series. I am looking forward to the 3rd book in Becca's series too! Happy reading.

  2. Great list of books - there are several here I'd like to read - in particular Beastly and the Becca Fitzpatrick books look really good! Good luck with your challenge

  3. I'm not familiar with many of these books so I will definitely be coming back to read your reviews.

    My list is a combo of review books and books that will help me complete the other reading challenges I am participating in.

    Good luck!

  4. That is quite a list you have! Happy reading!

  5. I've read all of Diane Mott Davidson's books (except the latest, and that one is on my shelf) -- fun, cozy mysteries. Thanks for joining Fall Into Reading '11! Enjoy your fall reading!

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys!

  7. Wow what a list. I have Beastly on my TBR wish list. Good luck with your reading.

  8. Good luck with your list! Happy Fall Reading!!!


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