Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bout of Books: Thursday (#boutofbooks)

I'm aiming to post an update each day throughout the Bout of Books Read-a-Thon because I find them fun to look back over once it's all finished. I'll be including an update on my day (sometimes just about reading, other times about why I've not been reading), along with my thoughts on the books I've been reading and any challenge entries.

My Day

Today was pretty good. I'd set the day aside to just read and it meant I was able to read a lot...right up till the point where my eyes got strained. On the plus side I had a great day reading, but the down side is that reading is out of the question from now until tomorrow at the earliest :( At least I had really nice pasta for dinner and with another three full days of the readathon I'm sure I'll be able to read more.

The Books

I managed to finish Blood Promise which was good but I'm still not sure what I think overall. It was a bit weird as Rose and Lissa were separated for most of the book so there were two different plots running side by side. Either way I enjoyed reading it and barely paused before picking up the next.

Spirit Bound was definitely one where you had to know the backstory for the characters. The story went a bunch of places I wasn't expecting and I was blown away by the ending. This does have some great Adrian moments though and he's fast shaping up to be a favourite character of mine.

After that ending (seriously omg!) I leapt straight into Last Sacrifice and I'm incredibly peeved about not being able to read further. I desperately want to know what is going to happen for all of the characters :( The first 54 pages are really good though.

Books read today: 1 and a bit over a half ish
Pages read today: 825

The Challenges

There are two challenges today! The first is the Vampires in Popular Fiction challenges hosted by Rachel @ The One with Rachel's Book and you can still enter here. Rachel's challenge is to name your two favourite fictional vampires (one guy, one girl) with the books/series they are from and explain why they have that special place in your heart.

My favourite male vampire has to be Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse series. Even back when I first read Dead Until Dark (waaaaay back in 2006 - my receipt is in the book lol) I preferred Eric to Bill. As the series has grown, he still holds a place in my heart as one of the hunkiest most awesome male vampires of all time and his sweetness in Dead to the World is still one of my favourite book moments ever. Plus have you seen True Blood? *swoon*

My female vampire has to be Ivy Tamwood from the Rachel Morgan series. I'm actually hoping to reread and catch up on the series soon as I've missed the characters and the world. A big part of that is Ivy. She isn't perfect, but if you are her friend she'll have your back until the end of time whether she thinks you are right or not and doesn't expect anything in return. Ivy is seriously kick-ass and she is fighting hard against the horrors of her past to become her own person.

The second challenge today is the Book Spine poem hosted by Cait @ Escape through the Pages which you can still enter here. Cait's challenge is to create a poem using the titles of the books you have on hand. Extra words are permitted, but only as many as you have books (so 8 books gives a maximum of 8 words).

Here's my poem:

The Treachery of Beautiful Things
who Breathe Bitter Blood
in the Shadows on the Moon.


  1. Love your poem, some great titles!

    Happy reading!

  2. You're doing really well with the read-a-thon! Vampire Academy is a great series. Sadly I am a bit behind on it. I like your book poem.

    1. Thanks Mel! Until this week I'd only read the first Vampire Academy book, and now I've finished the series :) Of course now I'm behind on Bloodlines lol

  3. You've read so much, very impressive! I really need to read the Vampire Academy series, feels like I'm the only person left in the world who hasn't! :-) Love your book spine poem.

    1. Lol! I felt like that too :) Thanks for stopping by Victoria :)

  4. Yummy pasta. Your doing great!
    I have to read the Charlaine Harris series. It may turn out to be a favorite for me too.

    1. I love the Sookie Stackhouse books :) I hope you enjoy them if you give them a go!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. i liked your poem ^^ completely in your theme of reading

  6. Yummy pasta, lovely poetry AND Eric Northman... *bows low to the read-a-thon queen* I had the exact same response to the 'man-vamp' part of that challenge - Eric is FAR hotter than Bill, he's super-sexy in the TV series, and Dead to the World is just adorable. :D
    Hope your eye strain settles down after a good night's sleep!

    1. Lol! Thanks Ellie :) I'm totally team Eric!

  7. Eric and Ivy are two of my favorite vampires as well! I'm definitely Team Eric! You should definitely catch up on the Hallows. Book 11 comes out in a little over a week (can't help but squeal with joy!).

    1. Meep! Book 11? I'm really behind! I think the last book I read was book 6 or so :o

      Thanks for stopping by Stephanie :)


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