Friday, 22 June 2012

#WWReadathon - Beach Soiree

Time for another Read-a-Thon challenge! This one is hosted by Kriss @ The Cabin Goddess Reviews and she wants us to describe our ideal beach party including:

* Your perfect beach (from a book, or a place or a cover)
* Your perfect date (provide a link to cover or book)
* in your preferred swimwear (description, or link to image or cover)
* With your first choice of books to read (title with link to book or to cover)

The beach:
This gorgeous beach right here is in Bora Bora (a teeny island in French Polynesia) where I would love to go. The beautiful sandy beach, the crystal clear water...and the perfectly placed hammock so I can get stuck into my book with that view whenever I glance up. Paradise!

The date:

The ideal date has gotta be Wren Tigarian from Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is the one that really got me hooked on the series. Wren is an amazing guy. He does the sweetest most romantic things, he is incredibly brave and strong, he is absolutely gorgeous AND he has a pet monkey! So very awesome :)

The swimwear:
I'm not exactly the biggest fan of swimwear, so I'm gonna go for a simple yet stylish maxi dress. Perfect for strolling about the beach, and easy enough to lift up to allow mucho paddling time.

As for Wren? Well he can wear (or not) whatever he long as it isn't too distracting from my book!

First choice of books to read:

As amazing as Wren is and as gorgeous as that view is, at some point all I'm gonna wanna do is curl up in that hammock with my book. And as I shall be reading on a beach, what better choice than a book set on one? I've wanted to read Ocean of Secrets since it was released in the US (as Sea Change) so I'm psyched for the UK edition out in a couple of weeks.

* * * * *

Want to enter the challenge too? Click here for the original post :)


  1. Oh I love your beach fare! Thanks for stopping by and participating!

    1. Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge :)


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