Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday (21)

Shelf Candy Saturday is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Five Alarm Book Reviews where each Saturday bloggers defy the saying "never judge a book by its cover" and showcase one that really catches their eye. Covers play a huge role in the books I choose so it's great to have the opportunity to showcase the pretties :)

My shelf candy for this week is The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.

When orphaned young Maria Merryweather arrives at Moonacre Manor, she feels as if she’s entered Paradise. Her new guardian, her uncle Sir Benjamin, is kind and funny; the Manor itself feels like home right away; and every person and animal she meets is like an old friend. But there is something incredibly sad beneath all of this beauty and comfort—a tragedy that happened years ago, shadowing Moonacre Manor and the town around it—and Maria is determined to learn about it, change it, and give her own life story a happy ending. But what can one solitary girl do?

When I was a kid I found a book in the library that I absolutely adored. Eventually they asked for it back and all I could remember was that it was something to do with Moonacre. It wasn't until years later when I watched the movie The Secret of Moonacre with my grandparents I finally figured out what the actual title of the book was (it was on the back of the DVD case). So after getting a cheap paperback copy and raving hysterically to my Mum about how I'd found it again after all these years, she brought me the collectors edition hardcover which comes with it's own slipcase:

After doing a happy dance I sat down to peruse the awesomeness of this edition, and awesome it is. The internal covers show a map of Moonacre and the village of Silverydew with another map of Moonacre Manor at the back. I'm a sucker for maps in books and the vintage feel of these is gorgeous as is the purple colour scheme that matches the cover.


The book is also illustrated throughout with old fashioned line drawings. The book was originally written in 1946 and I believe these are the original illustrations. This one is a sketch of Maria and Loveday at the Parsonage Gate. They really add something special to the book :)

So what's your shelf candy this week?


  1. First of all, thank you so much for commenting on my Shelf Candy post!! I really appreciate that!!

    And oh, what a coincidence! We both picked covers with horses on them!! I think that horses on a cover always add to its beauty!!

    I love this entire book!! I love the cover itself, with its cute picture of the horse, the scrollwork designs, and, of course, the color purple, which is one of my faves!! (After blue, though. Lol.)

    I'm going over to Amazon to see if I can buy this very same edition!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Gorgeous!! I have a soft spot for unicorns and horses on book covers. I haven't read this but I will! Wonderful shelf candy!

  3. I saw the movie on Netflix and didn't even realize that it was based on a book! Thank you for enlightening me about this notion, and now I must read the book. :) The movie was adorable, and I'm betting the book is just amazing. Thanks for sharing again!

  4. How funny that Maria had a cover with a Pegasus. I love unicorns. Of course I am an 80's girl, so unicorns and rainbows used to really be my thing.
    This is a beautiful cover. Your post makes me want to get my hands on it. I am glad that you included a pic that shows off the texture. The digitals never do a great cover any justice. The box makes the whole thing extra special. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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