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Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells

Title: Green-Eyed Demon
Author: Jaye Wells
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 978-1-84149-758-7
Pages: 376
Series: Sabina Kane #3
Type: Adult Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Sabina Kane is racing against the clock. Her sister Maisie has been kidnapped by their sadistic grandmother Lavinia, the dark races are on the brink of war and and the sinister Caste of Nod are manipulating everyone from behind the scenes. Based on information from an unlikely ally Sabina, Adam and Giguhl have travelled to New Orleans and find unusual new allies in a voodoo trained human, a colourful fairy, a renegade mage and a belligerent werewolf. But when they run across magic-wielding vampires the question soon becomes can they survive long enough to rescue Maisie?

This is the third book in the now complete Sabina Kane series (after Red-Headed Stepchild and The Mage in Black) which is has to be one of my favourite urban fantasy series. It is one of those series that really should be read in order, especially given that this installment picks up almost immediately after the conclusion of the last. This time the setting has been changed to New Orleans which is one of my favourite settings for books and this version certainly doesn't disappoint.

Once again the pacing is consistently taught with the manipulative aspects common to this series provided by both Lavinia and the Caste of Nod. A greater purpose has been brought into play which means it is no longer all about Sabina, rather she has become a tool that could be manipulated or strike her manipulators down. The frankly creepy owl Stryx has also returned and is once again following Sabina around.

It seems each book challenges an aspect of Sabina's preconceptions with the first dealing with vampires, the second with mages and this installment forces her to work with a human. While Sabina has shaken free of most of her vampire prejudices she really struggles when faced with a plain old human, albeit one who practises voodoo and is a quarter mage. The request that she abstain from human blood in favour of animal does not go down well either. There is also a focus on the fairy races, with the Queen being presented in an unusual less-than-attractive form.

Sabina and Adam's relationship comes more into play after their literal separation in the previous book. Now thrown together in close quarters, Adam makes his interest clear while Sabina struggles to deal with the possibility of love amongst so much loss. There are some incredibly sweet scenes and Adam is incredibly understanding of why Sabina is resistant.

Giguhl is dealing with a dramatic breakup but quickly blends into life in New Orleans, bonding with their hosts Zenobia and Brooks. Brooks is hilarious and his flirtation with Adam (and Adam's discomfort) add a lightness to an otherwise quite dark book. Brooks also has a unique performance which had me laughing out loud.

Once again Sabina's "Things to do:" checklist has been paperclipped to the back covers. I love the uniqueness of this feature and how it hints to the plot of the book. This one reads:
1. Rescue sister from kidnappers
2. Take on leader of entire vampire race
3. Survive

All in all, this was another great read and I can't wait for Silver-Tongued Devil.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 47/50


  1. Hi Claire. I am desperately trying to read a wider variety of genre, so I am taking your recommendation for this one and giving it a try. Thank you for your wonderful review.

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Just a tip though - start this series at the beginning. It'd be really confusing if you start partway through. But seriously I'd recommend them just for Giguhl :)


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