Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fall into Reading - Question 9

As part of the Fall into Reading challenge, Katrina at Callapidderdays is going to be posting a reading related question each Wednesday. I'm hoping to answer them here each week, partly to keep me motivated for the challenge itself (I find it way too easy to forget about challenges) and partly because there's a great group of people taking part and I'd like to see their answers.

If you're wondering what the whole Fall into Reading thing is about, check out my original post here or Katrina's "The Basics" post here.

This weeks question is: What else do you do while you are reading? Eat? Drink? Household tasks? Or do you usually put aside absolutely everything to focus solely on the book at hand?

Just a short answer from me this week - when I'm reading, that is all I'm doing. Seriously. I don't remember to drink so I've stopped making myself hot drinks while reading after one too many mouthfuls of cold tea. I have really bad concentration so any little distraction and I lose track of what I'm reading.

That said, if the book is particularly good and I have to move for some reason (like to answer the door) I'll get up and walk with my book. This usually amuses anyone around me for two reasons: one, I'm really short sighted and read with my glasses off, and two, I'm a clutz at the best of times so removing the ability to see where I'm going doesn't help.

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