Monday, 17 December 2012

Magnificently Magic Read-a-Thon: Sunday & Wrap Up (#MMReadathon)

So the Magnificently Magic Read-a-Thon has come to a close and I've got to say I'm sad that it's over. This weekend has been a ton of fun and I've loved immersing myself in some magical Christmassy reads.

My Day

I got barely any reading done on Sunday at all. I went into London (I live on the outskirts) for a workshop on the origins of Christmas so my free reading time was essentially nil. I did however get to see the awesome Jack Daniels barrel tree in Covent Garden which is the first time one has ever appeared outside the US.

The other benefit of spending the entire day in the city is that I saw some really awesome Christmas decorations on my way to the tube, like this very cool wreath which was three stories high! Plus they managed to light up the whole building so it turned pink!

The Books

I managed to read some more of Must Love Mistletoe but I get really travel sick on the tube and then was in a workshop all day so I didn't get a chance to read much at all. My pages all come basically from my reading after the twitter party before I fell asleep. I will be finishing the book as soon as I can as so far I'm enjoying it a lot and I want to know what will happen next, both with the romance and the family drama.

Books read today: A tiny bit of 1
Pages read today:  80

The Challenge

Sunday's challenge is hosted by Faye at A Daydreamer's Thoughts and you can still join in by clicking here. Faye's challenge is to make a Christmas tree out of books. My somewhat unconventional take on this challenge is below:

The Wrap Up

All in all I read 1 full book and 2 partials with a total of 591 pages. I was hoping for more but my nothing-but-reading-Saturday turned into niece and nephew time with many baby snuggles to make up for the lack of books.

I also took part in all of the challenges and had a blast at the twitter party :)


  1. Ah, London looks good and you did great with reading 590 pages. Love your unconventional take on Christmas book tree, it matches more with the actual tree. Loved getting to know you and hope to be in touch. :)

    1. Awww thank you! I'll definitely be in touch :)

  2. I love your book tree! I didn't end up making one, most of my books are boxed up lol. Good job completing a book and getting a good start on those other ones! Also, I'm a new blog follower :)

    1. Most of mine are boxed up too which is why I went with a different kind of book tree. That way I only had to grab one box lol :)

      Following you back!

  3. 590 is good! Especially with baby snuggles too - so cute :-) And I love your tree too!

  4. Great job! I didn't make the book tree...mainly because I didn't want to mess up my shelves,lol. I like how yours looks though, I never thought about making one like that.

    1. I ended up googling how to make a book tree and that design popped up so I figured it would be easier :) Thanks for stopping by!


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