Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shelf Candy Saturday (7)

Shelf Candy Saturday is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Five Alarm Book Reviews where each Saturday bloggers defy the saying "never judge a book by its cover" and showcase one that really catches their eye. Covers play a huge role in the books I choose so it's great to have the opportunity to showcase the pretties :)

My shelf candy for this week is The Last Noel by Heather Graham.

 Three jewelry store thieves stall out in a snowbank and have a disagreement that leaves only two of them standing. Meanwhile, the O'Boyle family is spending Christmas at their rural Massachusetts home, snowed in and bickering, until the doorbell rings. Brandishing guns, the two thieves threaten to kill Skyler, the family matriarch, who hopes that Kat, her college-aged daughter who has remained hidden upstairs, will figure something out. As the O'Boyles struggle to survive their horrific ordeal, they soon discover the strength of their family bonds in the face of despair.

Continuing on with the Christmas theme, I decided to go for a darker cover this week. The cover was what caught my eye when I first saw this book, and the creepy Christmas storyline is what made me pick up a copy.

It has snow (and I'm a sucker for anything with snow on) and the crystallized snowflake is gorgeous, but the real attention grabber for me is the blood. The pristine snow and beautiful snowflake have had blood splattered and smeared across them changing them from something pure into something twisted.

As much as I love Christmas, sometimes I need something less cheerful and sweet and this cover really fills that role for me: it's still seasonal but it's not your standard saccharine Christmas fare.

So what's your shelf candy this week?


  1. Beautiful with a touch of creepy. Very nice. I am a sucker for anything with snow on it too. I like your falling snow by the way. Your blog looks terrific!

  2. Aw thanks Steph :) We snow addicts should stick together!


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