Thursday, 1 December 2011

Booking Through Thursday (13)

Do you find that your mood affects the things you read? Like, if you’re in a bad mood, do you tend to indulge in reading that will support it or do you try to read things that will cheer you up? Do you pick different types of books on dreary, rainy days than you do on bright sunny ones?

For that matter, does your mood color what you’re reading, so that a funny book isn’t so funny or a serious one not so deep?

My mood definitely affects the things I read. If I'm in a really bad mood, I won't read because it's guarenteed I won't like whatever I'm reading. Generally though, if I'm feeling down or sick I'll revisit some old favourites and if I'm in a good mood I'll pick up pretty much anything. One of the reasons my reviews are averaged over scores for plot, characters, ending, enjoyment and cover is to prevent my mood from affecting the rating of a book.

I love to read mysteries and horror when it's dreary or rainy, and I love reading darker books in the winter. In the summer I prefer lighter, fun reads so that's when I read a lot of books with a humourous slant.

One thing people who've been reading my blog for a while will notice that December is going to be a little different. I love Christmas and I usually spend the entirety of December snacking on mince pies and candy cane, watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas-themed books. So all my reviews this month will be of books with some kind of Christmas/Winter angle. Nothing overly religious, just books set around this time of year as I'm in a Christmassy mood :)


  1. I love Christmas too, it's going to be so hard getting things done and reading books at the same time this is a time when life gets in the way hehe. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Mood doesn't influence what I am reading at the time.

  3. Mmmmn... mince pies, Stolen cake and Christmas pud are the three best things about Christmas.

    I'm not sure if my reading does change around Christmas time. I do tend to enjoy reading more during the colder months when you can snuggle up with a cup of tea and a book.

    It's been sadly quite warm lately though... I'm hoping we'll get that cold winter those idiot weather people predicted during summer.

  4. While my blog post talks about my tendency NOT to read Christmas books, I am gearing up for the holidays by changing headers and/or backgrounds to reflect the season.

    Thanks for visiting my blog....

  5. Aw, it must be fun to read all those Christmas books :)

    Here's mine:

  6. Thanks for commenting guys :) I'm really looking forward to all my Christmassy reads, and I can't wait for the first snow. We'd already had it this time last year so now I'm getting impatient.

  7. I agree :)
    Know what I noticed about myself? If I read a negative review of ANYTHING, doesn't matter what, then when I pick up that novel (if I do) I start it with failure in mind. That being said, I can't just be angry and pick up a new book--like you say, I'm prone to hate it! I'll be like 'oh, who gives a crap?' when it's a happy story and I'm feeling down.
    Haha, we've had a light dusting of snow here, as in under a half inch! I'm dying for a white out--just so that it can cover the ground :D

    Great answer!
    Happy holidays!

  8. I read all kinds of books and only change up what I am reading if it is influencing the way that I feel about a book that I am reviewing.

  9. Thanks for commenting guys :)

    @Sierra - I totally look for whatever the negative reviews said. If they say something isn't explained, I look for it in the book. I'm totally jealous of your snow!

    @Steph - That's part of the reason why I switch up what I'm reading. Too much of anything and my enjoyment drops which isn't fair on the later books.

  10. I love to read mysteries and horror in just about any weather or any time of year. But yes, dreary weather can make them even better.

    I love Christmas movies, but don't usually read many Christmas-themed books. Might try to do more of that this year, though.

  11. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Finally someone who feels almost exactly as I feel! Love your answer! I go back to old favourites for comfort when I'm feeling down. Wintry or rainy days are splendid for horror or mystery. :-)

  12. Thanks for commenting guys :) I definitely recommend Christmassy books for this time of year - they're super fun!


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