Monday, 26 March 2012

Blood Witch by Cate Tiernan

Title: Blood Witch
Author: Cate Tiernan
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 0-14-131402-8
Pages: 202
Series: Wicca/Sweep #3
Type: Young Adult Paranormal
Source: Purchased

Morgan Rowlands now knows that she is a blood witch and through realising her power has found a new life and new love. But while Morgan thinks she knows all there is to know about her past, she is mistaken and the discovery of her birth mother's Book of Shadows stands to reveal more than ever. This combined with the arrival of two English witches in town threatens to destroy the balance Morgan thought she had found.

This is the third book in the awesome Wicca/Sweep series (after Book of Shadows and The Coven) and, like the last novel, continues directly on from the previous installment. A new conflict is introduced with the arrival of two English witches (Hunter and Sky) and a second coven setting up in Widows Vale. There is also a mystery element introduced with Hunter and what is relationship to Cal really is. This time the journal entries are from the perspectives of Sgath (in the present) and Giomanach (from the past) which supports the mystery aspect well.

Morgan continues to grow in confidence in this book, beginning to stand up to authority figures and state her own opinions clearly. Her relationship with Cal deepens and is beautifully written. The two new witches in town add another dimension to this book. Morgan dislikes Sky from the beginning and is jealous of her, but it is Hunter who she has an extreme reaction to. Morgan's magick also continues to evolve with her spending more time exploring different techniques like herbs and runes.

The other coven members continue to grow in their own right with more of a focus on the relationships between Sharon and Ethan and Jenna and Matt. Robbie spends more time with Morgan which allows a view to what Bree is doing away from Morgan. A great focus is given to Morgan's sister Mary K who is in a difficult relationship with an overly pushy boyfriend adding a touch of reality to the storyline.

All in all, this was another incredible read and I can't wait to get stuck into Dark Magick.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 48/50

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