Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bloggiesta To-Do List

Bloggiesta is a book blogger event being hosted this weekend (it actually started yesterday) at It's All About Books.

My to-do list for this weekend is:

  • Update as many of my old posts to my new style as possible
  • Get rid of outdated old pages
  • Create a new review index page
  • Update all my challenges
  • Create a challenge page
  • Meet other bloggers
  • Have fun :)

  • And I'll be updating this list and crossing things out as I go :)


    1. I didn't sign up for Bloggiesta, but I do sympathize with a lot of people's goals. I definitely need to make a review master list. Good luck!

    2. Updating your old posts to your new style is such a huge undertaking! It took me an entire year to do that once and that was when I had less than 1000 posts. Good luck on getting a lot of those updated! I know how daunting that task is!

    3. Good luck getting everything done! I've had a great time participating so far, hope you have too.

    4. Glad to see you haven't crossed anything off your list yet, either! ;)

    5. I love review archives :) I hope you're having fun!


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