Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Strife by Cate Tiernan

Title: Strife
Author: Cate Tiernan
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 0-141-31550-4
Pages: 188
Series: Wicca/Sweep #9
Type: Young Adult Paranormal
Source: Purchased

Morgan has experienced both the beauty and the terror that magick can bring yet she has managed to find a place of peace within herself. With her boyfriend Hunter by her side she is looking forward to learning as much as she can about the craft. But when strange telekinetic events start to occur around Morgan, a dangerous question arises. Is someone deliberately targeting her, or are the events somehow being caused by Morgan herself?

This is the ninth book in the Wicca series (after Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood Witch, Dark Magick, Awakening, Spellbound, The Calling and Changeling) and causes Morgan to take somewhat of a step back and leaves her without her magick. The threat in this book is more insidious than before as no-one can determine it's origin. Morgan has drawn the attention of powerful dark witches but the randomness of the events doesn't seem to fit. This means that the tension is brought up a notch and the unseen foe adds an air of mystery.

One thing I liked about the storyline is that as Morgan begins to doubt her magick, her parents force her to look at what her interest in wicca has cost her. Her life is out of control with her grades freefalling and a lack of connection with her family. It is the first time Morgan has had to work at her mundane life and it is great to see how realistically this is dealt with.

There is also more of a focus on Alisa, the youngest member of Kithic and one of Mary K's closest friends. Alisa is terrified of Morgan's powers and so there is the introduction of witch hysteria into Morgan's world. This, strangely, also leads Morgan to connect with her healing gifts adding a new dimension to her studies.

All in all, this was a great read and I'm looking forward to Seeker.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 9/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 47/50

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