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#WWReadathon - Tease at Random Challenge & Giveaway

Welcome to the first challenge of the last day of the Wicked Winter Read-a-Thon which is...

Tease at Random

I love taking part in the Teaser Tuesday meme, but I've noticed how sometimes the teasers can be very different to what the book is actually like. So when April and Rebecca gave me the chance to create my own challenge I thought of this and immediately started to wonder what would happen if teasers were taken throughout a book - would they be close to the real story, or would it create a whole new one?

For this challenge I would like you to tease me at random from your current read. All you need to do is to divide your book roughly into thirds and then randomly select two sentences from each third (so six in total) and put them together to give a good tease.

You can either leave your entry in the comments or leave me a link to your blog post.

One winner will be picked at random to win either a £5 gift certificate from Amazon UK or a $7.50 Amazon US gift certificate (winner's choice) so be sure to leave your email, twitter or some other way for me to contact you.

My example is from Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare:

"Well, there's no accounting for taste," Tessa said sweetly, knowing he was trying to goad her, and refusing to take the bait. "What is one person's pleasure is another's poison, don't you find?" (pg 72)
His eyes were raking the room anxiously. She could sense the tension in him, a thrum just under the skin, like the fast-beating heart of a hummingbird. (pg 193)

"You know what this means to me," said Will. "Did you really think I'd delay?" (pg 405)

So go on...tease me :)

And the winner is...Melissa from Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf! Congratulations :)


  1. Oh, what a great idea! Okay, mine is from Tempest by Julie Cross.

    'Don't shoot him!' Courtney screamed. But then they were all gone. (pg 72)
    I tried not to smile and Holly rolled her eyes. 'I know, it's not very original. Anyway, we had a hotel room and everything but David had a little issue and broke all the condoms he brought. (pg 202)
    'Fine.' I released Freeman and reached for Holly's hand again.She clutched on to it instantly, which surprised me a little, considering what she had just found out. (pg 318)

    Contact: booksbiscuitsandtea(at)hotmail(dot)com or via Twitter @alouetteuette

  2. This is fun! I posted mine on my blog at

    Thanks for hosting this!

  3. Here's my Tease at Random

    Thanks for the fun :) I'm looking forward to checking out the other teases.

    I can be reached at inklingsread (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. Another fun challenge! Here's the link to my post with my teasers.

    bevarcher at me dot com

  5. Great challenge! My teasers are from A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton:

    Thanks for hosting :)

    Also, don't enter me in the giveaway, since I'm not from UK or US.

  6. Awesome teasers guys :) Thanks for posting!

    International (as in non-UK/US) readers can still be entered into the giveaway. Amazon ship pretty much everywhere :)

  7. *sigh* I need to read my Clockwork Prince!

    Here's my entry. :)

    jen7waters at gmail dot com

  8. Thanks for taking part Jen :)

  9. Love it! That's such a fun little challenge.

    Here's mine from Hush, Hush

  10. I love Teaser Tuesday, and this was even more fum. Here's my entry:


  11. This is a fun challenge. Thank you for hosting it! Here is the link to my challenge entry.

    Random Tease :)

    twitter- @BookBriefs

  12. Thanks for taking part Sarah! I loved Hush, Hush :)

  13. You're welcome, Claire! It's fun :D

  14. Fun challenge, thank you for hosting! I really need to read some Cassandra Clare books, they've been on my TBR forever!

    My post for the challenge is here:

    New follower, loving your blog. I hope you enjoy the last day of the readathon!

  15. ""Well, look for yourself. It says, "This hexagram implies great difficulties. Danger lies ahead."" (pg 69) quoting a quote

    "Sister John shook her head. "The doors were locked, and you can see the pantry window's still boarded over."" (pg 132)

    "Alfie took a position next to the refrigerator, quietly opend the door and began handing out bags of money to Naomi, who knotted string around them, so that while Sister Hyacinthe continued tying her bouquets of fragrant mustard, dropping them innocently to the floor, Brill suspended bags of money from the ceiling. It was, though Alfie, an inspired piece of sleight of hand." (pg 192) From A Nun in the Closet by Dorothy Gilman She did write other books than Mrs. Pollifax. I use more than Google.

  16. Great idea! I loved your teasers and I really want to read that book! It is on my list.

    Here are my teasers from The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel by Gregory Slomba:

    He noticed that the door they had just come through had shifted to match the others, all rectangles about seven feet high with a large pain of frosted glass in the top half (p.18)

    Eric held his breath. Would they get lucky? Suddenly, one of the boats exploded in a ball of orange and yellow flame. (p.90)

    While the others had been talking, Eric had been watching the trees across the clearing. Now, he jumped to his feet. "Hey guys," he pointed toward the trees, "look." From just beyond the light of the fire, they could see dozens of pairs of red eyes watching them. (p. 156)

    haightjess at gmail dot com

  17. This is an interesting challenge.

  18. Ooh fun!

    Mine is from "Last chance beauty queen by Hope Ramsay.

    Caroline closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath redolent with the aroma of the almond-scented shampoo that Momma always used. "I never wanted to ever wear that dress again", she muttered. (Pg 32)

    "Yeah, I know, but see, you're not the one for her. So you shouldn't be flirting and buying her drinks, you know?" (Pg 120)

    "Aw, honey, I'm sorry. But hey, he wasn't the one for you anyway. We both knew that." (Pg 195)


  19. here is mine :

  20. Thanks for taking part guys! I'm loving reading all your teasers and my book wishlist is getting bigger and bigger lol :)

  21. Here is mine, posted on blog

    Great challenge idea, never have done this one before.

  22. Nice challenge! Here is mine, from Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley:

    "I painted those birds a while back. Took a chance early in the morning, on the way to open the store." (pg 74)
    "'Would Shadow ever wear a suit?' I ask on the way to the train station.
    'Not in a million years', Ed says." (pg 102)
    "'Ed thought he might need a hoodie,' he tells her.
    'It's over eighty-six degrees'" (pg 195)

  23. Thanks for taking part guys! Please don't forget to post some way for me to contact you in case you win!

  24. Love this challenge! Mine is from The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson.

    Here is the link to my post:

    melissaseclecticbookshelf at gmail dot com

  25. I love this challenge. Very fun! Here is mine: (look at the bottom of the post_

    - Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment

  26. Liz handed over the five pounds for the Big Pot ticket and rejoined the others.

    She managed to get a last minute seat on a fight out and the rest of the money would keep her going for a month or so until she found work.

    It is remarkable the things you fill your day with.

    My poisoning project provided a new sense of purpose, however.

    I know because I watched and waited.

    Clearly it wasn't anymore, as I learnt from the conversation I overheard as I loitered outside the station.

    My book Double Take Tales, sentences from three different short stories.

  27. And the challenge is now over!

    Thanks for taking part guys! I loved reading your teasers :)

    Stay tuned for the winner!

  28. Great challenge! :D I love reading all these teasers! It's so interesting(: Here's mine from Want To Go Private?

    pg.31 - Then a familiar spiky-haired avater appears. It that guy, BlueSkyBoi, that I talked to a while back. My "soul mate," Luke
    pg.112 - Okay, I think. I'll show him more of my body.
    pg.256 - "Luke would never harm me!" I protest, "You don't understand him. He really cares about me. He . . ."

    Holy crap! Those were horrible teasers, even to me! I am so anxious to finish this book now! :D


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