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Book Blogger Tag

So Kris from A Book From Snowy River tagged me the other day on a dreary London day and I've had so much fun answering the questions it even tempted the sun out of hiding :)

The idea is, you answer ten questions from the person that tagged you and pass your own new questions onto ten other book bloggers. So, without further ado here are my responses to Kris's questions:

1. How did you choose the name for your blog?

I was inspired to start blogging after spending a few days adding all my owned books to Goodreads...and then freaking out about how many I owned but hadn't read. I decided to call my blog Project To Be Read to try to inspire myself to reduce that heap of books.

2. If you could be a character in any book, who would you be and why?

Thea in Enchantress by L.J. Smith (or Spellbinder for any US readers). I love the whole Night World series but Thea is the character I'd most like to be. She is a witch with amazing magic powers and ends up in trouble when she falls in love with the human Eric. He is a total sweetheart and of all the books I've read, Thea is the only one I'd actually want to be.

3. Ever since you started blogging, have you met any authors of your favourite books?

Yep :) I've been lucky enough to meet Becca Fitzpatrick, Maggie Stiefvater and Cassandra Clare. I'm not sure what impressed me more - the cute fallen angel models and free cupcakes at Becca's signing or Jonas and Plunkett plus the fact I actually had a whole conversation about killer water horses with Maggie Stiefvater :)

4. What is your favourite cover art for a book you have seen?

You want me to pick just one?! So not fair! There are way too many gorgeous books out there these days to pick a single favourite, which is part of the reason I love Shelf Candy Saturday so much. However I must say that the Wolves of Mercy Falls have some awesome UK covers:

5. Do you have a strict blogging schedule or are you more relaxed? (eg. post 1 review a day, do a weekly meme etc)

I try to have a schedule but I've had a ton of real life stuff on recently so things have gotten a little lax. I really like doing the Teaser Tuesday, Top Ten Tuesday, Booking Through Thursday and Shelf Candy memes, and I'm hoping to get into a routine with a post going up every day.

6. Is there a book you would love to have a sequel?

I'd love a sequel for Witch in the House by Jenna McKnight. It's one of those books that has obviously been written as the first of a trilogy but never got continued. The author has health problems that are stopping her from writing though which is a massive shame.

7. What is your favourite book to tv series adaptation?

The Vampire Diaries :) The books were only okay for me, but I love the TV show! Ian Somerhalder is awesome as Damon and I like all the changes that they've made. Elena in the books drove me nuts whereas she's fine on the show, plus Jeremy is way better than a little girl.

Weirdly I'm the total opposite about True Blood - love the books, but the show is only okay.

8. Everyone likes to shop for books differently, do you buy online or spend hours in a bookstore or library?

All of the above. If my sister is meeting me in our local town, it's going to be in Waterstones. I do a lot of my book shopping online, purely because of the prices and the fact I can get US published books easier. I also enjoy checking out my local library but their selection isn't the best so most of the authors I love aren't even featured.

9. Do you prefer reading paperbacks or ebooks?

Paperbacks win for me hands down. I'm not a big fan of ebooks, mostly because I always seem to end up with a migraine from trying to read them.

10. If you had to write a novel featuring yourself, what kind of character would you play? (eg. leading lady, sidekick, evil villian etc)

Ummm, I think I'd rather be either the leading lady or the evil villian. I'm not really the sidekick type. It really depends on what kind of book I was writing but no matter what I'd definitely be a complex character. I would never write myself as a flawless heroine or completely evil villian - I like my characters to have depth, hidden layers, flaws and all.

My Questions:

1. If you could travel back in time and give yourself a single piece of advice when you started blogging, what would it be?
2. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
3. If you could only read one genre of book for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
4. Of the books you've read so far this year, which one would you recommend and why?
5. If you could have any book character as your real life best friend, who would you pick?
6. Which author would you like most to meet and why?
7. What do you think of book blog memes?
8. What format do you most prefer your books in? (paperback, hardback, e-book, audio etc).
9. Which authors are on your auto-buy list?
10. What is your favourite kind of character? (sleuth, vampire, student, cop etc)

I'm tagging:

1. Books, Biscuits and Tea
2. E & K Family Book Review
3. Bookaholics Book Club
4. Five Alarm Book Reviews
5. Jenni Elyse
6. Alison Can Read
7. Chocolate Chunkie Munkie
8. Magic of Reading
9. My Recent Favorite Books
10. A Book From Snowy River - tag back :)

No obligation guys, but I'd love to see your answers if you have time :)


  1. I absolutely love your answers! But I love more than anything that you used my M&M photo from M&M's world at Piccadilly,hahaha.
    On to your answers.
    I dont know how I missed Enchantress in Nightworld. Will add that to my list now to fix my error.
    Im still kicking myself that I didnt go to meet Becca! Fingers crossed she comes back again soon... next time I will be well prepared and jumping at the door!

    Wolves of Mercy Falls have amazing covers! I have spent ages just staring at them. Kudos to the designer on that one. Does the US not have the same cover art for it?

    TVD, totally agree! the books are really out there and at times you just want to put it down, but I love the show! You are right, Elena isnt as annoying. Its cool that they made her a brunette too.

    I love hanging out in Waterstones. I go in there with my best friend and we just walk around the entire store, laughing at covers or names and scanning for interesting books. I love those little do it yourself games at the checkout. I am still tempted to buy the make your own bonsai kit.

    Last point.. ebooks! Finally someone who has the same issue as me! I get such a headache that I havent been able to pick one up in a long time.

    Anyways brilliant answers, I loved reading them!! Since I already did the post, is it cool if I just answer your questions here? haha

  2. My local Waterstones keeps moving those little games around. I always get so tempted, even when I'm heading over to the fantasy section and bump into the display!

    It would be awesome if you answered the questions here :)

  3. Hi there, random comment I know, but I had to say.. I have never seen the Wolves of Mercy Falls UK covers, those are AMAZING!


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