Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine

Title: Carpe Corpus
Author: Rachel Caine
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 978-0-7490-0777-5
Pages: 382
Series: The Morganville Vampires #6
Type: Young Adult Paranormal
Source: Purchased

Morganville has now been completely reshaped by Bishop. Myrnin, Claire and Michael have joined his side and Shane has been thrown into jail. With Bishop's reign of terror seemingly unending Morganville is starting to pull apart at the seams and it is the human residents at greatest risk. Until Amelie emerges from hiding and Claire can free herself of Bishop's influence, Morganville's destruction is imminent...

This is the sixth book in the Morganville Vampires series (after Glass Houses, The Dead Girls' Dance, Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools and Lord of Misrule) and is a brilliant return to form. While the previous book was still enjoyable it wasn't as action-packed or fast-paced as the other installments. This however is a tightly plotted read that is overflowing with action, twisting storylines and revelations.

The storyline is completely packed with action, twists and turns and revelations about Morganville's structure and purpose. The world building is complex and unexpected, with the introduction of Ada coming out of the blue and yet fitting incredibly well within the existing plot lines. The tension builds throughout to a shocking conclusion, resulting in the loss of a favourite character. A few unfinished plot lines are also picked up and concluded, like the mysterious deaths of young girls in Morganville before Bishop's arrival which leads to some surprising character developments.

Claire is really caught in the middle of Amelie and Bishop's war in this book and because of this she has become separated from all her friends. Michael has been forced onto Bishop's side and Shane is imprisoned with his father, leaving Eve living alone in the Glass House. It is the first time in the series that each of the main four characters have been isolated and it gives the book a brilliant jumping off point, especially as it begins with Claire's seventeenth birthday that she had expected to be spending surrounded by her friends.

This edition also includes a brand new Morganville short story called "Murdered Out". It basically shows Shane buying a car and arguing with a powerful vampire which is a nice bonus.

All in all this was an awesome read and I'm really looking forward to reading Fade Out.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 49/50

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