Thursday, 25 August 2011

Booking through Thursday

Sometimes I feel like the only person I know who finds reading history fascinating. It’s so full of amazing-yet-true stories of people driven to the edge and how they reacted to it. I keep telling friends that a good history book (as opposed to some of those textbooks in school that are all lists and dates) does everything a good novel does–it grips you with real characters doing amazing things.

Am I REALLY the only person who feels this way? When is the last time you read a history book? Historical biography? You know, something that took place in the past but was REAL.

The last time I read a history book was probably a few years ago in college. While I love history, I don't tend to read many non-fiction books. So many are written in such a dull way that it can really suck the fun out of the topic. That said there are some history books out there where the author's love of the subject shines through and makes for a fascinating read :)


  1. I don't tend to read many non-fiction books either, for the same reason. So many of them are dull, not engaging at all.

    Here's mine:

  2. I like both but my favorite is historical fiction.

  3. Fun sucking is the biggest problem with most history books. There are some out there that are good, promise.

    Here's Mine: House Millar - BTT


  4. Thanks for commenting guys :)

  5. Good points, both...don't like dry non-fiction, but if the author enjoys the topic, and they are a 'good' writer, it makes it more palatable!
    Here is my answer!


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